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Indicated for the cosmetic treatment of cellulite and localized fat. Recommended for both men and women.

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capacidad_envase 200ml
prospecto No
video http://vimeo.com/61357261
tipo_envase Tube
family_description <h1>CELULEX</h1>
<p>Sesderma's Celulex is used to treat or reduce cellulite and reshape the contours of the body, especially buttocks, legs and arms. It uses nanotechnology to improve results. To be applied daily morning and night using circular movements.</p>
Key ingredients Caffeine||Caffeine is a substance found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, kola nuts and certain medicines. This active substance has blood circulation activating properties and decongests affected areas. It also has toning, lipolytic and antioxidant effects.||Cafeina.png, Centella Asiatica||Centella asiatica has healing, epithelialising, vasoprotective, anti-inflammatory, and bio-stimulant properties. Recommended for the treatment of eczema, erythema, striae, skin dystrophies ; psychosomatic alopecia, due to its bioactivator for its stimulating properties; and for restructuring the dermal matrix.||Centella asiatica.png, Extract of Red Algae||Red algae live in the bottom of the sea. Due to their composition which is similar to that of skin intercellular fluid, red algae extract is used in cosmetics for promoting cell regeneration. It has a marked capacity for improving skin restructuring.||, Ivy||Ivy has many beneficial effects. It is an expectorant. It has oestrogenic effects, which serve to regulate the menstrual cycle. It helps reduce rheumatic pain as it is an adjunct to sedation. It combats cellulite by melting excess fat. It is useful for treating sores. It is a vasodilator.||, L-Carnitine||The use of L-carnitine is essential for treatment of stretch marks and scars. Structural and elastic fibres are essential for maintaining skin structure and elasticity. L -carnitine reconstitutes these structures. This active substance is capable of reconstituting dermal protein structure, the breakdown of which cases striae.. ||
More Info Cellulite is a multi-factorial process. To be an effective cosmetic treatment it must act at circulatory tissue level (draining, invigorating and restructuring) and the adipose tissue level (lipolytic). Celulex anti-cellulite gel contains specific active ingredients that act on each of these levels, facilitating drainage, restructuring and tissue toning. Ivy (Hedera helix) and green tea improves blood circulation, facilitating venous return and lymphatic drainage. Gotu kola prevents the rigidity of the elastin and collagen fibers, promoting tissue repair process, stimulating collagen biosynthesis. Carnitine and Caffeine favor the degradation of the triglycerides in adipose tissue. The seaweed extract activates cell metabolism and revitalizes the tissues, while helping to eliminate accumulated toxins and fluids. Celulex anti-cellulite gel, through the action of its principles active ingredients, makes the skin soft and supple, increasing elasticity and reducing the orange peel effect on the skin.
Treatment Area Body
Skin Type All skin types
Skin Condition No
Families CELULEX
Active Ingredients Centella Asiatica, Other key ingredients
textura Gel
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