Fotoprotection repaskin is a sunscreen that prevents many skin problems such as: burns, stains and even melanomas. Sesderma's sunscreens also repair the damage caused by the sun. They contain damage repair enzymes to offset the damage solar radiation causes skin DNA.

Products designed to enhance the protection of the skin

Prevents aging. Solar photo protection UVB.UVA.IR

Sun exposure has detrimental effects on our skin. Rays (UVA and UVB) penetrates into the deeper layers causing sunburns, wrinkles and blemishes. From Sesderma we recommend using sunscreen all year.

Treatment Area 
  1. body
  2. face/body
Skin Type 
  1. all skin types
Skin Condition 
  1. photo-protection
  1. repaskin
  2. screenses

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