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ATPSES Cell Energising Serum 30 ml
ATPSES Cell Energising Serum 30 ml


ATPSES Cell Energising Serum 30 ml

CN: 170056.8


Stimulates vitality of dermal stem cells and prevents cell aging. ATPSES stimulates skin cells energy, reactivating and increasing potential cell energy and protecting mitochondria (the energy centre) of each cell. Especially recommended as a home product after treatment with LEDs in order to enhance the results ("booster effect").

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Clean and tone the skin. Then apply ATPSES liposomal serum, preferably twice a day and/or as many times as necessary with a gentle massage. Can be applied around eyes at a distance of 3-5 mm. Dermatologically tested.

ATP liposomes, Ribose liposomes, Oxygen liposomes, Ergothioneine liposomes, Niacinamide liposomes, Carnitin liposomes, NAD + (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) liposomes, Hyaluronic Acid liposomes, Vitamin C liposomes.