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Reducing wrinkles is something many men and women wish. The passing of time is unforgiving and we’re always on the lookout for the ultimate anti-wrinkle product.

Keep on reading to discover new tricks and tips to get rid of wrinkles!



In order to learn how to reduce wrinkles, first it’s essential to know the causes that lead to them. Basically, wrinkles appear for two reasons: chronoageing and photoageing.

Chronoageing is the natural ageing process of the organism. As we age, the skin’s capacity to generate collagen decreases, and cells lose their effectiveness and their ability to regenerate. Among other things, collagen is the protein responsible for supplying elasticity and firmness to the skin, and is also involved in the hydration process.

On the other hand, photoageing is caused by the exposure of our skin to different external agents, such as cold weather, sudden temperature changes, chemical agents, pollution, smoking, and sunlight, which is the main cause for the appearance of wrinkles and spots. Ultraviolet radiation damages the fibres of collagen and elastin and causes cellular oxidation.


If you wish to reduce specific wrinkles in a concrete area, we recommend the following anti-wrinkle massage techniques:

  • Wrinkles on the forehead: apply the product with ascending motions. 

  • Wrinkles on the cheeks: spread the product from the inside outwards to achieve a lifting effect. The idea is to smooth the skin as much as possible. 

  • Wrinkles on the chin: this massage must be performed by massaging the skin from the chin down to the neck, stretching the skin downwards. 

  • Wrinkles around the lips: place your hands on your cheekbones and massage in a zigzag motion. 

  • Wrinkles on the eye contour: perform circular motions from the corner of the eye towards the temple. 


1. Reducing the first wrinkles.
If you wish to start treating the first small wrinkles and expression lines, use products formulated with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, which help prevent cellular ageing.

Sensyses Lightening

C-VIT serum

Sesgen 32 gel-cream

2. Treating the signs of ageing.
Mature skin with wrinkles needs products that boost the production of collagen and elastin, as well as moisturising products to prevent skin dehydration.

Factor G serum

Acglicolic Classic gel

Mesoses mask

3. Removing the deepest wrinkles.
If you have deep wrinkles, we recommend using creams containing retinol. This is a very powerful active ingredient that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, increases firmness and hydration, and evens out the skin tone.

Sensyses Hyaluronic

Retiage serum

Fillderma One

*** These three regimes can be improved with the weekly use of Acglicolic Ampoules in the evening, before your regular serum, and Sesmedical anti-ageing masks.