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Flawless Beauty Pack
Flawless Beauty Pack
66.96 €


Flawless Beauty Pack

66.96 €


This summer, look after your skin with this special bundle, aimed at reducing and preventing blemishes.

This bundle includes:

AZELAC RU Facial Glowing Fluid, with liposomal depigmenting active ingredients which improve the appearance of blemishes and even out the skin tone.

K-VIT DARK CIRCLE SERUM. Prevention and removal of dark circles and problems associated with skin ageing in the eye contour area. 30ml (1.0 Fl. Oz)

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Flawless Beauty Pack
66.96 €

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  • Clarifies, reduces, and prevents blemishes
  • Protects skin against UV rays
  • Contains a combination of physical and chemical filters
  • Retinol-free
  • Can be used all year round, even in the summer
  • Can be used on its own or be combined with other depigmenting medical treatments (chemical peels, laser or IPL)
  • Suitable for all skin phototypes, even the darkest
  • Maximum safety and excellent tolerance. Does not cause hypopigmentation
  • Liposome-encapsulated active ingredients achieve deeper penetration and higher effectiveness
  • Cleanse and balance your skin with SENSYSES Lightening if you like using a liposomal solution and cotton pads, or with Hidraven foamy soap-free cream if you prefer water-based cleansing.
  • Next, apply Azelac Ru liposomal serum or your regular serum.
  • Apply AZELAC RU Glowing Fluid SPF50 to face and neck. Press the pump 3 times and spread evenly, massaging gently. It can be used both in the morning and in the evening.
  • Apply a drop of K-VIT serum over the dark circle and massage in gently from the inside end of the eye outwards.

AZELAC RU GLOWING FLUID: Contains liposomal azelaic acid, 4-butyl resorcinol, tranexamic acid, vitamin C, growth factor (nicotiana benthamiana), physical and chemical filters, and glowing pigments.

K-VIT DARK CIRCLE SERUM: Vitamin K oxide, camphanediol, pinanediol, organicsilica, hyaluronic acid, castanea sativa extract, ginkgo biloba extract encapsulated in liposomes.