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SENSYSES Eyes Cleanser 14 Monodoses
SENSYSES Eyes Cleanser 14 Monodoses
10.95 €

Facial Cleansing

SENSYSES Eyes Cleanser 14 Monodoses

CN: 168753.1
10.95 €


Facial cleansing tailored to the needs of your skin.

Useful single-dose make-up removing wipes, specially formulated for dry, sensitive eyes and eyes requiring special care.

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SENSYSES Eyes Cleanser 14 Monodoses
10.95 €

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  • Eliminates water-soluble and lipid-soluble impurities (unlike micellar solutions which only address the first).
  • Supplies essential fatty oils (linoleic acid), restoring lipid balance and strengthening the water-lipid barrier.
  • Reinforces the skin’s natural defense system, making it more resistant to external aggressions, bacteria or any other condition.
  • Helps keep skin healthy, restores and renews the skin thanks to silicon and Aloe Vera.
  • Calming and decongestant.
  • Convenient format in single-dose wipes.
  1. Cleanse face, eyelids and eyelashes with the wipe to remove all traces of impurities from the skin.
  2. Don’t forget to cleanse your skin in the morning and at night, regardless of whether you’re wearing make-up or not.
  3. Then, apply your regular beauty treatment, in the day or at night.
Hammamelis · Organic silicon liposomes · phytosphingosine liposomes· Aloe barbadensis liposomes · Oats extract · Glycyrrhetinic acid liposomes · Boswellic acids.