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Photodynamic therapy device with narrow bandwidth to stimulate melanin synthesis. 

High radiation intensity to reduce contact time.

311 nanometers.

Ease of use for all affected areas.


marcado CE

Increases melanin production.

Reduces oxidative stress.

See User's Manual.

Use under medical supervision is recommended.

Notes for home use:

  • • Home use should be carried out strictly in accordance with the physician's treatment plans. These treatment plans should not be arbitrarily changed.
  • • Patients may use the system on their own after being assigned a treatment method, being informed of relevant issues requiring attention, and after ensuring that they can use the system correctly.
  • • If any abnormal circumstances occur during treatment, promptly contact the physician.
  • • To avoid personal injury, keep the device out of the reach of children.

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If you are looking to:

  • - Improve skin pigmentation and increase melanin production.
  • - Does not stimulate oxidative stress.

Indicated for:

  • - Hypopigmented skin
  • - Vitiligo
  • - Can be used with and without ultraviolet exposure.


Treatment with the VITISES Light device is contraindicated in the following situations:

Strict contraindications

  • - Xeroderma pigmentosum
  • - Notable photosensitive dermatosis
  • - Systemic Lupus erythematosus
  • - Basal cell nevus syndrome
  • - During breastfeeding
  • - During pregnancy

Relative contraindications (can be treated but physicians should pay more attention to them during treatment)

  • - Porphyria
  • - Cataracts
  • - Pemphigus
  • - Patients with a family history of melanoma
  • - Patients treated with radioactive substances or arsenic
  • - Anomalous hepatic function
Price reduced from 750.00 € to 20% 600.00 €