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About us

Sesderma is a Spanish dermatology laboratory founded in 1989 by Dr. Gabriel Serrano, a world-renowned dermatologist.

In Sesderma, we are dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of dermocosmetics. And we do so through our highly specialized R&D.

Specifically, we are pioneers in the use of nanotechnology in dermocosmetics. Thanks to our progress in nanotechnology, we have achieved the highest penetration of active ingredients ever seen, and have thus maximised the efficiency of our formulae. And that’s what makes us different: the effectiveness of our products!

We are dermatologists, our DNA is dermatological and our know-how comes from listening to the skin of people of all ethnic groups, backgrounds and ages, through clinical practice.

Our raison d'être is the people’s health and wellbeing, task which we carry out by actively listening to our customers’ skin. Our motto “LISTENING TO YOUR SKIN” defines us.

Our company culture is driven by knowledge, a human touch and generosity. We aim to succeed in our challenge. We offer much more than just products: solutions for healthy skin and for skin problems.


“Listening to your skin”


People are our raison d'être. Their health and wellbeing are our goal. And the values which inspire our labs are the same which Dr. Gabriel Serrano applies: knowledge, generosity and humanity.

His approachability, empathy and ability to listen are the company’s distinguishing feature and the entire company culture is permeated by those principles.


We are experts in developing dermocosmetic products of the highest quality and great efficiency for the last 30 years.


We put people first.


Dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, during the development of the company, there was always a link with nature. A connection that goes beyond the compounds of its products, based on active ingredients present in our environment and embodied by our logo: the butterfly.

Dr Gabriel Serrano is a butterfly lover, a symbol that has different meanings for Sesderma. Butterflies make transatlantic journeys like the one that took its founder from Colombia to the city of Valencia, and led to the creation of the company.

Interestingly, this Latin-American country happens to have the largest number of species in the world.

The butterfly also symbolises change, beauty, sensitivity and magic, and these qualities are present in the Sesderma products. It is a company which, like butterflies do when abandoning their cocoon, was built with the effort and drive to overcome all obstacles.

Butterflies are a symbol of change and growth.

Those who don’t dream can’t fly.

Training at all levels

Sesderma collaborates in master’s degrees of leading universities and with Aesthetic Medicine, Aesthetic Surgery, Dermatology and Venereology societies.

In addition, we support over 5,000 doctors, who benefit from trainings and symposiums held regularly worldwide.

Our Medical Department is international and it is specialised in providing scientific support to all our clients, training them through our own in-house courses and advising them about combined therapy protocols which maximise the results of their treatments.


In September 2018, the Sesderma Group opened its new head office in Puzol (Valencia), which has allowed us to gather all our facilities under one roof to resume our growth process and commitment to innovation.


The facade is conceived as the building’s second skin, a splash of small holes to modulate the flow of the sun inside the offices.

The concept of skin, together with innovation and technology, are the characteristics of Sesderma and the basis for the building’s design.

Light is at play here, through its glazed cladding, it contributes to creating pleasant and comfortable working areas, whilst achieving a high energy efficiency building.


18 million euros

Warehouse space

18.356 m2

Production activities

2.114 m2

Office space

3.236 m2


398 m2

Usable surface

10.046 m2