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Our vocation for innovation and wish to treat the skin’s conditions stems from our passion to solve health problems.

That is why we began applying the NANOTECH technology in 2008 to develop solutions adapted to every skin need. NANOTECH technology is the knowledge and control of matter at the smallest scale to obtain “nano” sized structures. At Sesderma we are leaders in applying this technology in the development of products and their manufacturing.

During the formulation process, the actives are encapsulated in liposomes with a structure similar to the skin’s. Through them, we manage to reach high levels of penetration and efficacy in the skin.

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  • Because of their small size, our liposomes have penetration levels, efficacy and results that were never achieved before.
  • They have an excellent tolerance thanks to their composition, identical to our cell membranes and the low concentration of actives, necessary to obtain results. They enable the transport of actives (liposoluble and hydrosoluble) to the deeper layers of the skin in the most selective possible way: peptides, antioxidants, vitamins, cosmetic actives, etc.
  • A controlled release of actives is achieved, and their effect in increased (long-term release).

*Study of the penetration of liposomes in the skin and hair (2013). Research Foundation, University Hospital General Valencia.

Commited to innovation

Our labs are at the forefront of the latest innovations in the field. From the onset, the investment in R+D+i was one of the most important assets in the company.

We work in partnership with scientific institutes, technology centres and the best universities. Together, we develop research and innovative solutions for the skin:

  • AIN Asociación de la Industria Navarra
  • IECE
  • Echevarne
  • Farcoderm
  • Inovapotek
  • Biopolis
  • Bionos (University Hospital La Fe, Valencia)
  • University General Hospital Valencia
  • Pharmacy School, University of Valencia
  • Chemistry School, University of Valencia
  • Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plants
científicos en nuestros laboratorios
científicos en nuestros laboratorios
científicos de sesderma
científicos de sesderma

We develop collaborative research projects together with:

  • ICDD France.
  • BENTHA Project. Partnership challenges 2014-2017. Research project on the synthesis of plant origin growth factors.
  • NEWCOTIANA. International project partnering with universities and laboratories and research institutes for the development of new techniques in plant improvement for Nicotiana benthamiana.
  • Though our teamwork and daily learning, we support our professional partners with ongoing medical training and expert advice.