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We are living new situations and we will walk together through this uncertainty while the emergency lasts. At Sesderma we are also facing them, but we want to keep calm. For this reason, now more than ever, we want to be by your side and we have created for our customers the ONLINE SALES PLATFORM FOR PHARMACIES, where you will be able to get all our products while keeping your conditions.

productos de sesderma
productos de sesderma

I want to have Sesderma in my pharmacy

If you don’t have Sesderma products at your pharmacy yet, don’t hesitate, contact us now! Our commercial team will be delighted to chat.

Our customer hotline is

Clienta con products de Sesderma
Clienta con products de Sesderma

Register as a pick-up point

If you’re already a Sesderma chemist’s but you haven’t signed up as an online pick-up point, do it here:

This way, people who buy online will be able to choose your chemist’s as their pick-up point. We will send you the parcel and you will get the chance to build a confidence relationship with them, like you already do with your regular Sesderma buyers. See conditions and advantages here.

Get New Clients

From the first moment, your chemist’s will become available as a pick-up point for Sesderma products, which will guarantee a greater flow of customers to your business.

Improve the Online Presence of your Chemist’s

Whether or not you have a website, turning your chemist’s into a pick-up point will mean an increased Internet visibility and better sales results at no cost.

Prescribe Related Treatments

Advise clients when they pick up their parcel and build customer loyalty by recommending specialised treatments according to their personal needs in order to boost results.

Turnover Increase

Make the most of e-Commerce without worrying about anything. Sesderma is responsible for processing the orders and you will receive them ready for your clients to pick up.

Get Discounts

For every delivery you get a discount in your Sesderma product order.