The perfect matte finish

Introducing SESBALANCE, the balancing solution to control shine and imperfections.

SESBALANCE is our new sebum-regulating line formulated for the daily care of combination and oily skin, characterized by shine and imperfections. Forget about them with SESBALANCE and enjoy mattified, smooth, and flawless skin.

Recommended for the daily care of combination-oily skin. Skin with excess oil, imperfections, marks, and uneven skin textura.

Target user

Aimed at men and women of any age with combination and/or oily skin. This skin features excess oil, mainly on the T-zone, and sometimes even on the whole face. Excess oil can cause unwanted shine and imperfections. If not treated in time, it can even lead to acne-prone skin. Moisturizing and renewing products are therefore necessary to control excess sebum.


  • · Controls excess oil and removes shine.
  • · Instant mattifying effect.
  • · Removes marks and imperfections and prevents their appearance.
  • · Anti-aging benefits thanks to its renewing action.
  • · Smooth and soft skin and even tone.
  • · Specific moisturization for oily skin.
  • · Prevents the appearance of the signs of acne-prone skin

Main active ingredients

SESBALANCE combines technology with cutting-edge, effective and safe active ingredients. Below are the featured active ingredients of the line

Niacinamide - Salicylic acid

Retinol - Mandelic acid

Green tea leaf extract - EGCG

Panthenol - Hyaluronic acid - Chamomile extract




Visible benefits: (1)

  • 79% observed mattified and shine-free skin instantly.
  • 77% observed matte skin 4h after application . (3)
  • 90% observed softer and smoother skin.
  • 84% observed increased moisturization, comfort, and a more even tone.

Reduces imperfections in 100% of users. (2)

Y además: (3)

  • 100% state that the serum absorbs quickly.
  • 91% do not feel a greasy sensation after product application.
  1. Subjective evaluation in 19 volunteers who used SESBALANCE Serum morning and night for 28 days, Complife.
  2. Clinical evaluation under dermatological supervision in 19 volunteers who used SESBALANCE Serum morning and night for 28 days, Complife.
  3. Subjective evaluation in 22 volunteers who used SESBALANCE Serum morning and night for 56 days, Sesderma.