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Os cuidados antienvelhecimento da Sesderma diferem dos cosméticos tradicionais pela sua eficácia. Somos dermatologistas e ouvimos a pele dos nossos pacientes diariamente. Graças à tecnologia Nanotech, criamos soluções altamente eficazes.
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48 Resultados
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The main difference between Sesderma’s anti-aging products and traditional cosmetics is their effectiveness. At Sesderma we use nanotechnology to carry the active ingredients right where they need to fulfill their mission, be it stimulate collagen synthesis, reduce the appearance of wrinkles or prevent the first signs of aging. Whatever your concern, we are sure that you will find the Sesderma product that is just right to fight the passing of time in your skin. We are dermatologists and we listen to our patients’ skin daily. We work globally, with all ethnicities and skin types, in more than 80 countries. Los productos anti envejecimiento de Sesderma tienen una diferencia fundamental con la cosmética tradicional: la efectividad

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