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Improves color and texture of skin with acne sequelae (marks/scars, pimples and red or brown spots).

SIZE 15ml

Apply on the face with a gentle massage until completely absorbed. Can be applied in the morning and/or evening. As adjunctive therapy: Abradermol for mechanical exfoliation once a week or every 15 days and Repaskin SPF 50 sunscreen.Warning: external use only.

Ascorbyl glucoside, glucosamine, Allium cepa extract, retinal, Hippophae rhamnoides fruit extract, growth Factors (Nicotiana benthamiana sholigopeptide- 1, Nicotiana benthamiana sh-polypeptide- 7, Nicotiana benthamiana sh-TGF-beta2), superoxidedismutase, schizophyllan.

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Improves color and texture of skin with acne sequelae (marks/scars, pimples and red or brown spots).Acnises spot is an easy to apply and rapidly absorbed colored cream with a light texture.Designed to reduce the appearance of scars and unify skin color and texture. With a powerful combination of specially formulated active ingredients to repair the dermal matrix, reduce inflammation and improve the appearance of imperfections.It contains growth factors, main active ingredients that will act to achieve dermal repair and improved appearance of lesions. Onion extract regulates the synthesis of collagen, reduces inflammation and redness around the affected area. Ascorbyl glucoside and schizophyllan promote the formation of new collagen and protect from oxidation.Retinaldehyde regulates keratinization of the skin and has antibacterial properties against P. acnes, formulated with vitamin C for a more homogeneous skin color.With the addition of the soothing, astringent, moisturizing and toning properties of dry buckthorn extract.
As often as necessary As often as necessary
Day and/or night Day and/or night
Price reduced from € 16,95 to 15% € 14,41