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Our main goal is to solve and treat skin problems for everyone.

Nos Produits

Notre objectif principal est de résoudre et traiter des problèmes de la peau pour tout le monde. C’est pourquoi nous fournissons des traitements intégraux pour les besoins de chaque peau.

Sesderma fabrique, distribue et vend des produits et traitements dermatologiques qui répondent à la santé et la beauté de la peau. Ainsi, nous offrons différentes catégories de produits qui répondent aux besoins de nos clients.

  • Sesderma Beauté
  • Sesderma Santé
  • Nutricosmetiques
  • Dispositifs domestiques

Notre marque Mediderma Soins professionnels vise le secteur professionnel et offre des solutions adaptées aux besoins de chaque patient.

Mediderma fabrique, distribue et vend des dispositifs médicaux et cosmétiques pour la peau destinés à une utilisation par des professionnels en respectant les normes les plus exigeantes.

  • Exfoliation chimique
  • Remplissage facial
  • Thérapie photo-dynamique PAN
  • Micro-aiguilles
  • Produits complémentaires
  • Produits domestiques

We apply the highest quality standards in the sector to guarantee the quality, safety and efficacy of all processes:

  • BPF Certificate (Cosmetic products: BPF-Manufacturing Good Practice) by the Spanish Drug Agency.
  • ISO 22716:2007 Cosmetic products: BPF- Manufacturing Good Practice.
  • EN ISO 13485:2012 Medical devices. Quality Management Systems. Requirements for regulatory purposes (Mediderma).
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES), real-time time management system.
  • ERP SAP system.
  • LEAN work methodology.

To ensure that our customers always get their products on time and in the best condition, we provide:

  • Global logistics coverage for all transport, logistics and distribution activities.
  • Controlled temperature warehouse (10-30ºC) to guarantee that our products are always in the best possible condition.

Production Systems

  • LEAN MANUFACTURING is a philosophy based on a variety of techniques with the aim to improve the company’s productivity, taking care of the respect for the employees and the constant improvement of product quality.

  • MES SYSTEM for collection and analysis of production data. This programme collects realtime data from the production equipment in real time, which helps analyze the general operation of the production plant, enabling decision making linked to these processes.

  • CIP SYSTEM (CLEANING IN PLACE) is a reactor cleaning system assuring compliance with “Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)”. This also allows to minimize water and chemical products necessary in the cleaning process.

  • LAST GENERATION GERMAN REACTORS,the most advanced in the field.


  • Clean room
  • Weighing chambers
  • Production unit
  • Controlled temperature warehouse for raw materials
  • CPS (Chemical Products Storage)

Sesderma works in partnership with top university Masters and Societies of Aesthetic Medicine, Aesthetic Surgery, Dermatology and Venereology.

We support more than 5,000 doctors, who benefit from the frequent courses and symposiums we give, worldwide.

Our international Medical Department provides specialized scientific support for our customers, training with own resources and consultation on combined protocols for therapies to help them maximize their treatments results. is our online platform for the training and broadcasting aimed at professionals and end consumers alike with the following sections:

  • Medical Academy and Mediderma Academy. Dedicated to the training of professional doctors, it includes tutorials showing techniques and treatments by Mediderma Professional Care.
  • Professional. Intended for pharmacists and health professionals, salespeople and promotion staff that distribute the Sesderma and Mediderma products.
  • SES Worldwide. Corporate information on Sesderma worldwide, including the latest news from our subsidiaries and distributors.
  • Me & MySkin. Product launch, beauty routines, protocols and health coaching led by top professionals.
  • Dr. Serrano Clinic & Dr. Serrano Wellness Center. Latest treatments in dermatology, aesthetics and well-being in our exclusive centers.